For over forty-two years S.T. Hollins fought a ceaseless war against crime in a county, India, where the police were faced with a extraordinary variety of strange and ghastly crimes with which the police here are never confronted. His many investigations included horrifying cases of caste murder, human sacrifice, dacoity, professional poisoning, suttee and revolutionary terrorism, as well as the more conventional cases that neverthe-less tested his professional skill to the utmost. With the rank of Inspector-General Hollins controlled the police in the huge area of the United Provinces and later in Hyderabad, and is thus in a unique position to tell the enthralling story of the Indian police in action. He saw all aspects of life in this extraordinary sub-continent, from the places of the fabulously rich Indian princes—one of whom he served as Prime Minister—to the squalor of jungle villages. Packed with incident, this is a book where the excitement never flags from the first page to the last.