RAMAYAN SUMAN (Mythological Poetry)
रामायण सुमन


Author(s) — Suman Kant Jha
लेखक  — सुमनकान्त झा


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About the Book

Ramayan is an eternal story of everyones life depicted through Lord Ram. The physical aspect has deep spiritual meanings embedded in it. The perpetual Search for Sita, the embodiment of blissful peace, is the ultimate goal of every human being. But to achieve it one has to control demons in form of Lust, Ego and Greed. This can be accomplished by regular Satsang, which teaches us the skills of Detachment, Divine Wisdom and Contentment.
In this journey to search mother Sita that is blissful peace, saints like Vishwamitra, Bharat and Hanuman acts as a bridge between the profane physical planet and the sacred spiritual space. Every human being has Ram within himself, in form of Divine Wisdom. But to realise it, we all need brother Laxman in form of Detachment, which can kill the Lustful Indrajeet, through the spiritual arrow of unwavering faith and belief. At the same time, the company of saints like Hanuman is necessary to annihilate the Greed like Kumbhkaran within us, through the contentment pledge. Finally the true knowledge of self will eradicate the Ego in form of Ravan. Thereafter, the Ram, within us all, will be able to achieve the goal of blissful peace – in form of mother Sita. And then the holy search for Sita will be complete.


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