Accolades for the Book

“The book is an insider’s narration of a long-drawn struggle which the author along with his compatriots could be able to dispel the common view of it being a revolution and not a revolt.”
Dr V.P. Sharan, Former Pro V.C., Ranchi University

“The book is a true tribute to all those who fight for their political rights.”
Dr Karma Oraon, Professor, Ranchi University

“Journey of Jharkhand Movement is a complete and authentic book on statehood movement. Every individual wanting to learn man’s yearning for independent identity, must read it”.
Anuj Kumar Sinha, Journalist and Author

About the Book

Jharkhand’s aspiration for re-gaining its separate political identity—which eventually ended in statehood in the Union of India—had its origin in the British Raj, long before the Indian State itself became a reality. Jharkhand Statehood is among the longest struggles for identity—of over 100 years—in human history. It saw many ups and down, hopes and disappointments, assurances and treachery, fair and foul plays. The book “Journey of Jharkhand Movement” has tried to capture all momentous emotions during the course of struggle.
In fact, the book is a live-documentation of important milestones of the long-drawn struggle of a people for political identity that at its base had unique cultural values like by love, brotherhood, simplicity, honesty, joyfulness, social equality, non-discrimination etc. All of these truly characterized an individual residing in the region now known as Jharkhand, in complete contrast to regions elsewhere.
For those who want to study what kind of course a people’s struggle charts, it is must read.

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