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Author(s) – Nandita Nair
लेखक — नंदिता नैयर

| ANUUGYA BOOKS | ENGLISH | 71 Pages | HARD BACK | 2021 |
| 5 x 8 Inches | 300 grams | ISBN : 978-93-89341-45-4 |

About the Book

This book is my second attempt to write, after I lost my first script of a novel, to a laptop crash. I took a turn towards writing short stories parallel to another book which is still in initial stages. All these stories are from life around me and I have used them to only portray situations. I am looking forward to readers’ support and feedback. “Where is my tea?”, Rajesh’s mother screamed. Though it was expected from her, Simmi didn’t realize it will start immediately. Tea was getting ready so within a few seconds Simmi set the tray on the table. Rajesh’s mother had a good plan to finish what she had started and embarked on a myriad of abuses in loud voice. Rajesh came running from sleep. Looking at him, his mother started to cry. Simmi’s son was scared. Her mother was distressed. Simmi herself was shocked. It has happened before to her. But that happening in front of her mother was dreadful. Rajesh’s reaction was out of the world. He behaved exactly like a lesser mortal and immediately began his own earsplitting yelling. Maybe it was her mother or maybe the little scared child, who were watching the drama or maybe it was destiny, no one became physically violent. Verbal abuses took a bizarre shape that morning. “I came to help you so that you can go to take care of your mother. And this is how you behave? Rajesh, my son, she is treating me as her maid servant. Her behavior is only to insult me and nothing else.” “Oh mother, she can do nothing. She is no one. Please don’t cry.” Rajesh was a perfect son.

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Vini was alone in her room for the whole day and during nights sleep eluded her. Prescription medicines helped her only occasionally. But Usha ensured that Vini was given her doses timely. According to Vini’s regular doctor, these patients get used to their medicines and overcome its results. Usha’s time was precious and running to regular psychiatrist visits were a hassle. Somehow, Usha was managing this extra liability and she was feeling extremely burdened. Her pleasing veneer at her work place and social life could have been a reality – only if Vini could be a responsible and dutiful daughter. Usha’s social and official engagements were inter-twined. She had to attend social gatherings at a high level. Her acquaintance were high-profile clients and corporates. And the gatherings were equally formal and high-profile. After spending so many years in her Law Firm as senior attorney, Usha’s relationship with many formal clients was at its best and partially informal as well. When Vini was out of her sad mind-set, she would accompany Usha to some of these parties. But Usha couldn’t ever be comfortable with the thought that liquor was freely accessible and some of the junior crowd would be in conversation with Vini too.

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Nandita Nair

Born in Mumbai, studied in Nagpur, Delhi, Allahabad and Lucknow, has lived in UAE for 17 plus years. Returned to India in October 2018, she lives with her family in Chennai.


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