Christianity’s Contribution in the Shaping of Modern India


Author(s) — Sanjay Valentine Gathia
Joseph Anthony Gathia

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About the book

Since the beginning of the twenty-first century Christianity is facing an increasingly malicious campaign negating its glorious contribution to the Indian subcontinent. Given today’s widespread negative stereotyping and falsely generated misunderstanding of Christians and Christianity, the publication of this book is vital to help repair the wrong that is being perpetuated and restore the historical truth which is being distorted.
Today India has comparative advantages in the process of globalization. With one of the largest English-speaking populations, India is ranked sixth in publishing books and supplies large manpower to IT and medical services around the globe. But how has this happened? What are the factors leading to this?
In this volume “Christianity’s Contribution in the Shaping of Modern India” author duo – Joseph A. Gathia and Sanjay V. Gathia – examine and seek to give the readers a better understanding of how India got to where is it as a modern nation today.
This book analyses the many ways in which Christianity penetrated and introduced then-radical notions and how early Christianity was an incubator for “modern India” that affected everything from governance to law, to education, languages, philosophy, medicine, science, religious customs, social services, multilingual publishing and the freedom struggle. Christian missionaries creatively reflected and constructed an inclusive discourse very close to what we call the modern nation building.
Grounded in solid research and written in a popular style, this book presents historical analyses of the nature of the Christian contribution of aspirations (visions, hope) of a new society and motivation (inspiration, empowerment) and how it put them into effect. This book can therefore act as a focusing lense and a resource for all who work to promote a multi-cultural society, whether religious gurus, policy makers, educators, scholars, historians or thoughtful citizens in order that the field of coexistence be expanded and legitimized.


“All readers, whatever their religion, Non-religion or political persuasions should read this.”
Prof. R.P. Mishra
former Vice Chancellor, University of Allahabad

“… the scope and sweep of this… will be an eye opener for readers.”
Dr. John Dayal
former, Secretary-General, All India Christian Council

“Here is a book that will challenge your assumptions about the Christianity in India. It is relevant to professionals working across education, health and social work. Written in an accessible style, this book will be a valuable reference work for students, researchers, practitioners and policymakers alike.”
Prof. D. Gopal
former Head of Faculty of Political Science, IGNOU, Delhi
and coordinator of Australian Studies

“Wide ranging, and timely. Finally, a volume that gives the overview of Mission and missionaries’ role in India the analytic clarity it deserves. This rich study reveals many unknown facts which will surprise all including Christians around the globe. Highly readable, unfailingly rich in detail and stunning in it insights. It is a landmark in the study of Christianity’s contribution to India. It will help dispel misunderstanding about Christianity and missionaries’ role in India particular among the younger generation who is now part of global community.”
Fr. John Paul, S.V.D.
SVD Headquarters, Rome

“We all know modern Indian period starts from the middle of the 18th century. But How that happened? This book explores the role that the Christianity has played, how it has influenced the social, cultural and political developments, and discussion on social justice and human rights notion still has relevance in the contemporary India.”
Prof. A.P. Vijapur
former Faculty, AMU and Visiting Professor, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada

“This volume is relevant to the Christians as well as non-Christians alike. It embraces broad ecumenical stance and include contributions of all denominations – Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical and Pentecostal in nation building.”
Pastor Victor Jayakumar
Evangelist, South India

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